Our Story

Our Mission & Values

The Mission of United Johnson Brothers of Alabama, LLC is to be the most successful corporation in the beverage distribution industry.

Our success hinges on five key groups: shareholders, suppliers, customers, team members, and the community.

Our Shareholders

We promise our shareholders an outstanding return on investment, excellent profitability and consistent long-term growth.

Our Suppliers

We respect the goals of our suppliers and commit to a working partnership founded on open communication at all levels, superior market management and continued marketplace innovation.

Our Customers

The highest levels of service, education, and salesmanship consistent with all existing laws and regulations.

Our Associates

The creation of a supportive family-feeling work environment which provides the necessary opportunity for personal and professional growth, receipt of equitable compensation and benefits, and in return, incurs loyalty, pride, and diligence.

Our Community

Active personal and financial support in order to make the areas in which we do business better places to live.

Our History

Our story began in 2010 when two companies, MBC/United and Johnson Brothers Wine of Alabama, merged together to form United Johnson Brothers of Alabama. MBC/United was a subsidiary of the family-owned United Distributors in Georgia, and Johnson Brothers Wine of Alabama was also a family-owned subsidiary of Johnson Brothers Minnesota. This merger combined the compatible portfolios of two of the largest beverage distributors in Alabama.

The combined experience of our two parent companies and families spans more than a century. The merger officially established United Johnson Brothers as the largest beverage distributor in
Alabama — with operations in Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile. The merger gave UJBAL the unique opportunity to service the entire state unlike any other distributor. 

Today, we continue to be a leader and innovator in the beverage distribution industry. We look forward to continuing to meet the demands of our customers for many years to come.