Swear Jar Whisky

Canadian whisky Aged 6 years 750 ML

When sipping on Swear Jar Whisky, you get what’s best in Canadian crafts. Our 6-years-olds Canadian whisky is made to satisfy your taste buds with every sip.

You’ll probably get thrown off by the sweet, tangy, peppery heat, and fall for the rich, mouth-coating caramel, cinnamon ginger and cloves softness.

Just what it takes to get an audacious tasting experience, as if you were drinking it from a wooden cabin, in the Canadian forest.

Our unique recipe has, like us, a strong personality. It is real, smooth and genuinely made for whisky lovers. Yep it’s true, we won prizes, but let us tell you something : prizes should never take away the simplicity of drinking a good whisky in good company. Let’s not take it too seriously. After all, we’re whisky drinkers, right ?